Do you have wedding on a budget? Allow friends or family members to gift you with the white dove release for any part of your pre or post wedding related ceremonies.  A White Dove Release can be a unique and unforgettable gift alternative!

White Dove Flights

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Even when conditions are not suitable for release, white doves can still create a unique touch of elegance as part of your wedding ceremony as a live dove display at a guest registry or gift table.

Let us help you create a unique feature for your wedding ceremony, as our White Dove Flights wing their way out of their white wicker baskets, circle spectacularly overhead, and return to their home. Your wedding guests will be amazed at the incredible beauty of the white doves. 

Any ceremony or event in our lives can be enhanced and made truly special with the release of white doves.  Enhance your special event or give a White Dove Flight release as a gift.  (Wedding doves, funeral doves, other dove releases)

White Dove Flights

We can help you add a breathtaking touch to your wedding from the most intimate ceremony to the grandest affair.

Call today, reserve your white doves and make a memory that will last a lifetime!

The white dove symbolizes love, faithfulness, and unity.  Doves naturally mate for life. As a couple start their new life together, white doves are the perfect example serving to reinforce the vows a couple take together on this special occasion. The release of a pair of doves is beautiful and sentimental symbol of commitment.


celebrate your wedding ceremony unlike any other celebration with a unique and grand white dove release!