Any ceremony or event in our lives can be enhanced and made truly special with the release of white doves.  Enhance your special event or give a White Dove Flight release as a gift.  (Wedding doves, funeral doves, other dove releases)

White Dove Flights

Beautiful White Doves for dove releases at weddings, funerals, memorial services, and special events.


There are many biblical references about doves. Most of us are familiar with the ancient Sumarian and Hebrew story of the great flood and the building of Noah's ark. After the flood, Noah sent out a dove who returned with an olive branch in her beak. The gift gave the family hope, strength and the understanding of peace. The books of Matthew, Mark and Luke tell us of the baptism of Jesus. The Holy Spirit descended upon him as a dove, and a voice from the heavens saying "Thou art my beloved son: in thee I am well pleased."

Dove releases in the 4-state area (MD, PA, WV, VA) within a 25 mile radius, including the Maryland counties of Washington, Frederick, western Howard, northern parts of Montgomery.